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Teaching Mathematics

Keeping Your Child’s Mind Engaged Over Summer Vacation

Although it is important for children to take time to have fun and recharge over summer vacation, there is documented evidence that this time off from school can lead to a decline in reading and mathematical skills, especially for children from low-income families. Here, the educational technology experts at SchoolMart break down the data regarding…

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The Debate on Website Blocking in Schools

Website blocking in schools has been a divisive subject since its inception, with some claiming it stifles student freedom and creativity, and others claiming that schools have a moral imperative to protect students from obscene or offensive content. Here, the educational technology professionals at Schoolmart present both sides of the website blocking debate. The Case…

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How Calculators Improve SAT Math Scores

SAT scores are still one of the major components reviewed by colleges and universities to determine student eligibility. Here, SchoolMart details ways calculators can help students improve their SAT math scores, without taking away from mathematical comprehension. Calculator Policies for the SAT Math Exam College Board, the overseeing body responsible for the SAT, has mandated…

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Funding your Technological Classroom

There are innumerable options for receiving funds to help outfit classrooms with the latest educational technology. The education technology professionals at suggest ways to take advantage of these options and enhance your students’ classroom experience. Technology can go a long way to encouraging student learning, creativity, and information retention. As such, education through technology…

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Talking Through the Problems

The education technology advisors at suggest strategies for encouraging your students to work through math problems by engaging with them in non-traditional ways. Tables, charts, lists of equations, and pages upon pages of numbers. These words describe the memories many adults have of their mathematics classes. For some, the traditional methods of math instruction…

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