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30 Mathematics Lessons Using the TI-15 Activity Book – While Supplies Last

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Help learners grasp mathematical concepts and skills with lessons that integrate calculator use. These books provide step-by-step mathematics lessons that incorporate the use of the TI-10 and TI-15 calculators throughout the learning process. The 30 lessons present mathematics in a real-world context and cover each of the five strands including numbers and operations, geometry, algebra, measurement, and data analysis and probability.
Each lesson includes the following five instructional phases:
  • Explaining the Concept – Builds conceptual understanding and illustrates how to use the TI-15.
  • Applying the Concept – Develops students’ higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Differentiation Activities – Differentiates instruction for the application problems.
  • Extending the Concept – Extends students’ learning.
  • Activity Sheets – Allows students to practice TI-15 skills, demonstrate their understanding of mathematical concepts, and apply new concepts.

Included CD contains teacher resource files, lesson support files, and student activity sheets.


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