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Algebra I with TI-Nspire: Semester I – Common Core Standards Edition


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This book is designed to help teachers implement the marvelous power of TI-nspire in the teaching of Algebra I. Keying sequences are provided to help students acquire the concepts of elementary algebra in a step-by-step fashion, while progressing smoothly through the menus of this exciting new technology.


Worked examples and comprehensive sets of exercises with complete solutions are provided. Screen displays on the page enable students to connect their work on the handheld or on the computer screen to the examples in the text.


On completing this book, students will have been exposed to all the important concepts in the first semester of Algebra I and will have had numerous experiences using graphs, spreadsheets and the calculator commands to solve real-world problems.


The sequel to this book, Algebra I with TI-nspire: Semester 2 is also available. Together, these two books constitute a full program in Algebra I as defined in all the US state guidelines. Both the pedagogy and content have been developed to implement the underlying philosophies articulated in the NCTM Principles & Standards for School Mathematics.


Table of Contents


Unit 1: From Arithmetic to Algebra


Exploration 1:             The Natural Numbers (primes & composites)

Exploration 2:             Greatest Common Denominator & Least Common Multiple

Exploration 3:             From Integers to Fractions & Real Numbers

Exploration 4:             Unknowns & Variables: Entry into Algebra

Exploration 5:             Computing with Mathematical Formulas

Exploration 6:             Formulas and their Inverse Formulas


Unit 2: Linear Equations & Inequalities


Exploration 7:             Using Tables to Solve Linear Equations

Exploration 8:             Using Algebra to Solve Simple Linear Equations

Exploration 9:             Using Algebra to Solve Compound Linear Equations

Exploration 10:           Solving Proportions

Exploration 11:           Manipulating Formulas by Solving Equations

Exploration 12:           Linear Inequalities in One Variable


Unit 3: Functions & Relations


Exploration 13:           Cartesian Coordinates & Scatter Plots

Exploration 14:           Cartesian Coordinates & Graphs

Exploration 15:           Functions as Input-Output Machines

Exploration 16:           Reading & Interpreting Graphs

Exploration 17:           Functions & Relations as Sets of Ordered Pairs

Exploration 18:           Sequences & Scatter Plots


Unit 4: Linear Functions


Exploration 19:           The Concept of Slope

Exploration 20:           Direct Variation

Exploration 21:           Partial Variation

Exploration 22:           Formulas for the Equation of a Line

Exploration 23:           Parallel & Perpendicular Lines

Exploration 24:           Linear Functions

Exploration 25:           Using Linear Functions to Model Data


Unit 5: Linear Systems


Exploration 26:           Solving a Pair of Linear Equations by Graphing        

Exploration 27:           Solving a Pair of Linear Equations by Substitution

Exploration 28:           Equivalent Linear Systems

Exploration 29:           Solving a System using Linear Combinations

Exploration 30:           Analyzing Linear Systems

Exploration 31:           Graphing Linear Inequalities

Exploration 32:           Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities


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