Texas Instruments TI SmartView emulator software for TI-30X/TI-34 Multiview – Emailed Single License 1-Year Subscription – PC and Mac


Single user license. Licenses key is emailed to customer. It is not sent on weekends or holidays.

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Single user license, 1-year subscription.

Claim number is emailed to customer, typically within 3 business days. It is not sent on weekends or holidays.

TI-SmartView™ CE emulator software for the TI-30XS/TI-34 MultiView™ scientific calculators projects an interactive representation of the calculator and comes with unique instructional capabilities:

  • One emulator for two calculators: Use the emulator to demonstrate the unique capabilities of either the TI-30XS MultiView™ or TI-34 MultiView™ scientific calculator.
  • Visual key pressing: Highlight projected keys to clearly show selections to your class by using a computer mouse to select the keys.
  • Key-press history: Project key images and entire sequences so that your students can more easily follow your steps and stay on track.
  • Multiple screen captures: Create and save multiple scientific calculator screen captures to develop a history of calculations for class investigations.
  • Pre-loaded demonstrations (scripts): Pre-record key presses for automated playback during lessons. Create and edit scripts and play, pause and modify the speed of delivery.
  • Large-screen view: Project an expanded calculator screen to help students in large or crowded classrooms see important details.

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