Tips to Help Teachers Who Struggle with Technology

Technology is changing and improving daily, and it can be difficult for those unused to such innovations. Here, the technology experts at SchoolMart details ways school administration can facilitate technology use for teachers, creating a tech-savvy school environment.

Many teachers were not themselves raised in a technological school environment, and may be hesitant to implement technology into their lesson plans. That being said, technology is only becoming more prevalent, and can be beneficial for many bodies of students. It is critical in our modern society for educators to have a positive working relationship with technology, and be able to implement it into lessons and overall curriculum, in order to prepare students for a modern working environment. Below are several ways to encourage teachers to embrace technology.

Establish a Tech Team

Every school should have a technology liaison who has a strong grasp on common and emerging technologies, and can assist other teachers who struggle. Furthermore, creating an entire technology team will go even further in helping the school transition to a technological working environment. Try to have a team consisting of teachers from various grade levels, administrators and other support staff in order to best accommodate the entire school staff. This team should be flexible, and able to assist teachers regularly, as well as answer any questions and allay any concerns that may arise.

Meld Technology with Professional Development

Use already established professional development meetings to educate teachers on new technologies and best practices for implementing them. If possible, try polling teachers before the next meeting to see which areas of technology they struggle most with, and then spend the next meeting focusing on this area. This prevents an educational overload from occurring during meetings, while still assisting those teachers having trouble.

Create a Culture of Thoughtful Technology Use

Technology should not be used simply for the sake of technology—many teachers unfamiliar with technology will feel that this is the implied message if they are exposed to too many new technologies at once. Create a culture of thoughtful technology use, which integrates appropriate technologies into lesson plans and still keeps teacher’s responsible for student education, understanding and retention. Using technology will at times mean failing at technology; let teachers know that this is not just okay, but important, because it will help teachers find better ways to implement technology in other lessons. Administrators should keep open lines of communication with teachers before and after they have implemented technology into their lesson, and encourage teachers to networks with co-workers to brainstorm new technology-based lessons and critique old ones.

Encourage Teachers

It can be difficult for a veteran teacher to implement new elements into their lesson plan, and they deserve to be congratulated! Let them know when they have succeeded, and encourage them to try new tactics when they have failed. Allow them to discuss ideas and concerns freely and openly, without fear of judgement.

Let TechMart Help Your School

At SchoolMart, we believe every school should have access to the technology they require to help their teachers, students and administration learn and thrive. We are excited to be your main resource for your technology needs. For more information, we urge you to contact us today.