How to Prevent Cyberbullying with Technology

Cyberbullying has become prevalent everywhere and is increasingly problematic among children and teens. Children and teens, as a whole, spend a lot of time on their phones, making them vulnerable to harsh comments. About 6 in 10 teens face online harassment according to Pew Research Center, and the effects of cyberbullying are serious. Cyberbullying frequently…

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4 Ways to Discuss School-provided Technology Safety With Parents

The development, evolution, and usage of technology have completely changed our lives in many ways, especially through education and enhancing learning techniques within classrooms. It essentially allows anyone to gain access to anything, at any time. Because of this, we, as users, must be careful and cautious of the information we consume, for the good…

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The Benefits of Technology Usage In The Classroom

Children listening to teacher in classroom

The traditional classroom learning environment has changed drastically over the years as technology continues to pave the way for new learning opportunities and growth within every classroom. Using the Internet to access resources, materials, and tools for teachers and students has become the norm as it serves as a vital source for engaged learning. By…

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Online Tools for ACT & SAT Preparation

A desk with a person study notes from their phone and computer

From the years of having to go to the library to find helpful studying resources to now finding them with the click of a button, times have changed; there are now several digital resources available for focusing and improving the retention of information. Hours spent in the library buried in books trying to retain as…

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How Technology is Giving Low-Cost Education Access to Students

While technology is a fantastic tool for K-12 students and higher education, the cost of equipment and programs can add up quickly. Especially in inner city schools or rural areas, access to technology is not always simple, and children may struggle to keep up with their peers. Here, the educational technology professionals at SchoolMart provide…

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Summer School: Tips on Making the Most of Your Experience

Summer school can be a great opportunity to catch up on credits, get ahead of coursework, or retake a class to lighten your course load for the fall semester. While your idea of a perfect summer probably doesn’t include sitting in a classroom, there are still many ways to have fun and get your work…

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Teaching Children Appropriate “Netiquette”

Although teaching good online manners should begin at home, teachers are an invaluable resource in ensuring a kinder online world. Here, SchoolMart details ways to reinforce responsible online behavior. Explain the Importance of Keeping Online Information Secure Just as a child may have a special, secure box or place where all their favorite possessions are…

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4 Easy Ways to Incorporate Classroom Technology

Computer, mouse, keyboard and phone on top of a sleek white desk.

Digital technology is becoming an increasingly important part of our world. Students, in particular, often utilize computers and the internet to supplement at-home learning in addition to engaging in other non-educational uses. Because technology is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in society, the educational system must also continually evolve by incorporating technological components that keep pace. Here,…

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Educators and Parents Can Partner to Bridge the Digital Divide

A male and female student doing their work in a school classroom.

The ‘digital divide’ has plagued the country and our educational system, preventing low-income areas from being able to have access to modern technology. This ultimately hinders their potential for growth as they move from K-12 schooling to higher education. Here, the educational technology experts at SchoolMart explore the topic of the ‘digital divide,’ and provide…

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