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Does Homework Facilitate Learning?

Several counties and school districts across the nation, including several in Maryland, New York and Florida, are implementing policies to minimize or do away with homework entirely in an effort to reduce stress and bring a greater school-life balance to students. One of the most controversial issues surrounding education, the use of homework has been…

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Proper Headphone and Earbud Use for Auditory Health

Headphones and earbuds are great tools that allow students to listen to educational content in a private, individualized way; however, improper use can lead to discomfort and even hearing damage. Here, the educational product providers at SchoolMart detail best practices when using headphones and earbuds to ensure students maintain good auditory health. Do Not Use…

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The Debate on Standardized Testing in Schools

Standardized testing has been both criticized and applauded by educators, politicians, principals, teachers and students. While some find the tests to be superficial and unnecessary, others insist that they are crucial to measuring long-term potential in students. Here, the educational technology experts at Schoolmart weigh in on the standardized testing debate. The Benefits of Standardized…

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Textbooks vs. Screens: What a New Study Reveals

In the push to digitalize classrooms, school districts across the country have been providing electronic versions of textbooks and other reading material to students. But, how does reading from a screen impact student’s comprehension and retention abilities? Here, the technology aficionados at SchoolMart summarize findings from a recent study on the subject, and how this…

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