Robotics: Engaging K-12 Students on a New Level

As we continue this fall semester with many K-12 schools being online, there have been many adjustments for students, teachers and parents. We have moved from traditional hands-on learning to a technologically-based approach, working to ensure that students are receiving the same quality of education fully online as they would in an in-person or hybrid environment. Robotics has been one area in which school systems have seen tremendous growth for K-12 students. Here, the educational technology professionals at SchoolMart discuss the impact of robotics and technology on K-12 learning, and how this can play a potential role in future job offerings. 

Robotics Provides Real World Problem Solving Skills for Students

One of the largest benefits of robotics is the practicality of the field, and this can be great for many students, especially those who have unique learning styles. Project based learning, or PBL, allows students to work through real-world challenges to develop problem solving skills. While robotics may sound like a futuristic field, it is important to understand just how much it is used in our everyday life. Machines used in hospitals, schools, banks and other sectors all have some form of machine learning. By starting K-12 robotics teaching with an applicable mindset can help educators ensure that their students are ready to enter higher education and the workforce with practical life and career skills. While in-person robotics programs are currently not as common, there are many online programs that have gained popularity for their real-world approach to programming, coding and the entire field of robotics. 

Robotics Tools Cater to Students’ Desires and Foster Development

Another area in which robotics has been making a large impact is the versatility and relevancy of the field. K-12 robotics programs across the country have honed in on catering their programs to students’ unique wants and needs, so that they are consistently engaged and passionate about future growth. One of the most successful areas of integrating robotics and technology is seen through gamification. Gamification is just what it sounds like, incorporating elements of games into educational experiences. It is important to note that Gen-Z and other young students have not lived a life without access to technology. This means that games have been in the palm of their hand since an early age, and they have likely associated many learning experiences with these games. By “gamifying” your robotics program, you are creating a connection between an area that students already love and an educational moment.  

On top of the gamification trend, modern robotics programs have been working to connect with trends in artificial intelligence, or AI. This means showcasing how processes can be simplified or adjusted with the help of AI, and how this can connect to many other relevant fields such as the medical or financial field. While it can be an odd thing to think about, technology and AI will continue to become an integral part of our personal and workplace cultures. In turn, fostering growth and innovative learning initiatives for your students can help them have a seamless transition as they move into larger roles within this field.

Robotics Merges With STEM to Provide a Comprehensive Educational Experience

It is important to note that as robotics is growing, key takeaways are also being transferred into other relevant areas, such as STEM. STEM, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics, can all be intertwined with robotics principles to create a comprehensive educational program. While many schools remain online, this has not stopped companies, such as CoderZ, from pivoting to adapt to current times. From coding, to physical computing and educational challenges, students are utilizing affordable technology resources such as this to maintain a strong advantage over other students, and pursue their passions freely. If these programs continue, children across the country will be able to access relevant and applicable educational resources for growth in STEM and beyond.

Talk Ed Tech With the K-12 Technology Professionals at SchoolMart

At SchoolMart, we want each and every student to reach their full potential. We know that in modern culture, this means adjusting traditional learning initiatives to help students find connections and make the most of their educational journey through the use of technology. Robotics has been a fast growing area for K-12 students, posing the question of just how innovative these young children can be if they are given access to resources early on. To learn more about SchoolMart and our team of qualified ed-tech professionals,  contact our office today