The 4 Best Graphing Calculators for High School Classrooms

Are you a high school teacher or even a SAT/ACT mentor looking to upgrade your calculators in the classroom? If so, you’ve come to the right place. With the end of summer approaching, it’s time to start planning for the upcoming school year, to optimize your classroom experience and understand the best types of calculators…

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Choosing the Most Effective Graphing Calculators For Your Classroom

student with graphing calculator sitting at desk writing out equations with laptop in front of them

Most people are familiar with how the common calculator helps make math, science, and simple calculations possible, but there are many more advantages to using a dependable graphing calculator for learning, both in and outside of the classroom. With the abundance of calculator options available, you might be asking yourself what the best choice is…

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Graphing Calculators and Affordability

As an educator, you most likely understand the importance of using graphing calculators in the classroom. However, you also likely understand how expensive graphing calculators can be to purchase for your students and may have had students come to you with concerns about how costly the technology can be. Here, the educational technology professionals at…

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Using Your Graphing Calculator

Graphing calculators, such as the ones sold at Schoolmart, are valuable tools for math, science and technology applications; however, those who are new to using graphing calculators may find them intimidating. Here, the educational technology experts at Schoolmart provide tips and tricks for using your graphing calculator to its fullest potential. A graphing calculator is…

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How TI Made Calculators a Classroom Staple

Calculators have become so ubiquitous in the STEM classroom that it is difficult to imagine a time where they were not. Here, the school technology experts at TechMart discuss the history of TI’s classroom impact, and how calculators benefit STEM students. The first electronic calculators, much like the Casio Computer Company’s Model 14-A, were big…

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The Calculator: A Brief History

Having a basic understanding of the development of technology over the course of history can help us to predict the potential growth of technology to come. Here, the professionals at Techmart take you through the history of the calculator, and how we came to have the ubiquitous devices we use every day. It is almost…

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TI Innovator Moves Microcomputing Forward

  The education technology experts at SchoolMart explain the functions and capabilities of TI’s newest product, created to continue incorporating STEM initiatives into classrooms. Joining a series of new programming and STEM-oriented classroom tools, the TI Innovator promises to provide middle and high school students with authentic hands-on coding and engineering experiences. The hardware is…

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Educators and Parents Can Partner to Bridge the Digital Divide

A male and female student doing their work in a school classroom.

The ‘digital divide’ has plagued the country and our educational system, preventing low-income areas from being able to have access to modern technology. This ultimately hinders their potential for growth as they move from K-12 schooling to higher education. Here, the educational technology experts at SchoolMart explore the topic of the ‘digital divide,’ and provide…

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Should Calculators Be Used in K-12 Math Education?

Calculator on a yellow background.

SchoolMart examines both sides of the ever-present classroom debate: Should calculators be used in the teaching of basic mathematical concepts?  When it comes to the use of calculators in the classroom, there has been a continued debate over the benefits that calculators bring to innovative learning, and why students should use them. Here, the educational…

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