2022 EdTech Trends to Consider in the New Year

Throughout 2022, classrooms have started to increase their use of EdTech. Teachers can now assign work, receive feedback, and give their students an opportunity to enhance their education on their own time. Searching for different EdTech tools to implement in the classroom doesn’t have to be a hassle. It’s best to focus on technology that will enhance the learning experience for students and teachers. SchoolMart is here to provide you with the popular and most used EdTech trends in 2022 that may be beneficial to implement into your classroom strategy.  

Extended Reality

XR (Extending Reality) encompasses AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality). These have changed how we offer life-size virtual experiences to our students, scholars, and teachers. The use of XR has increased this past year, with teachers implementing it in the classroom to teach lessons and engage students through educational gaming. XR has broken the boundaries for traditional learning, offering a self-paced, interactive, and personalized learning experience for each student. 

Cloud Technology

During the pandemic’s start, educators quickly noticed the positive effects of cloud software in their lesson strategy. It allowed students to work on their assignments at home or in the classroom and gave teachers a place to display lesson notes or PowerPoints when students needed to refer back to the lessons. Even as schools began to reopen, this technology continued to be a successful tool for students to access their work from any device in the classroom. This gave students the unique opportunity to work on group assignments together in and out of the classroom while getting live updates on any edits being made by their peers.  

Cyber Security

With cybersecurity becoming a growing issue for K-12 education and technology usage, school districts decided to implement cyber tools to help prevent the increase in cyberattacks. Tools like Endpoint Security and Next Generation Firewalls use AI and ML to power their security. Security orchestration, automation, and response tools specifically use AI to detect and repair cybersecurity breaches while making it more manageable for educators and staff. Having another layer of defense against these attacks has helped schools and educators protect their own passwords, and information, and students’.

AI Tools

As we’ve mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence continues to show up in the classroom to remediate cyber attacks and aid students and teachers. AI technology uses computational methodologies, automation, and algorithms to generate meaningful insights and perform human-like tasks. This past year students have used AI to their advantage to help them study topics and participate in thought-provoking discussion boards. One application to consider that uses AI to help tutor students, specifically in mathematics, is Thinkster. These AI softwares and applications not only benefit students but also provide teachers with tools to check for plagiarism and construct learning plans for students. These applications, like Century Tech and Mark are necessary to consider to help manage work efficiently. 

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The EdTech trends of 2022 made their footprint in classrooms all around the world giving students and teachers a better schooling experience. It’s crucial to consider all of these resources that will enhance the in-person and virtual classroom experiences as a whole. Want to talk more about your options? Reach out to our team of EdTech pros! We are ready to help answer any questions you may have! For more information, call 1-800-285-2662 or contact us here.