Elevating Education: A Teacher’s Guide to Technological Organization

In the ever-changing world of education, teachers face a wide range of tasks. From crafting engaging lesson plans to maintaining a well-organized classroom environment, teachers can easily find themselves feeling unorganized. Technology offers a multitude of tools to enhance teaching effectiveness. Below, we detail the technological platforms that improve lesson plans, maintain children’s safety, and keep internal planning intact. 

Microsoft or Google Apps: Cornerstones of Educational Organization 

The use of Microsoft, Google, or similar planning services is essential for teachers’ organization and scheduling. These platforms serve as the foundation for collaboration and effective communication among employees. 

Both Microsoft and Google Apps offer a variety of organizational tools. These tools range from calendars, shared documents, shared drives, video chat, and more. Both of these platforms serve as top organizational services, but it is important to remain consistent across all platforms internally and externally. 

Canva and Pinterest for Visual Organization 

Canva is a go-to organizational tool, adding flair to the educational landscape. With its versatile features, teachers can craft visually appealing documents, making learning more engaging. Not only does Canva make learning more engaging, but easier and quicker to structure for the teacher. 

Teachers can easily change a worksheet template to make it applicable to their lesson. Teachers can also use Canva to create slideshow presentations for their lessons. This makes teaching and learning more interactive for both parties. 

Pinterest is a virtual treasure for teachers in search of fresh ideas. It is a collaborative platform where educators share and discover creative approaches, resources, and innovative teaching strategies. Canva and Pinterest make lessons visually appealing but also contribute to a more dynamic and exciting learning environment.

Planbook for Internal Lesson Panning  

For educators juggling multiple subjects and grade levels, staying on top of lesson planning can be a daunting task. PlanBook, a lesson planning tool, simplifies this process by providing a structured framework for organizing and scheduling lessons. Its user-friendly interface allows teachers to create, store, and share lesson plans. This ensures that their curriculum remains organized and accessible.

PikMyKid Carpooling Organization 

Educators of younger children bear the crucial responsibility of ensuring their safety, both in and out of the classroom. PikMyKid, an innovative carpooling app, streamlines the pick-up and drop-off process. It provides parents with real-time updates on their children’s whereabouts and ensures their safe arrival home. Its efficient organization alleviates stress for both educators and parents, creating a sense of security within the school community.

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