How to Prevent Cyberbullying with Technology

Cyberbullying has become prevalent everywhere and is increasingly problematic among children and teens. Children and teens, as a whole, spend a lot of time on their phones, making them vulnerable to harsh comments. About 6 in 10 teens face online harassment according to Pew Research Center, and the effects of cyberbullying are serious. Cyberbullying frequently occurs anonymously, making it harder to address and prevent. In the past, the responsibility fell on human moderators to manually censor social media content. However, that proved to be tedious and unreliable. In this blog, we will dive into the benefits of using technology to prevent cyberbullying.

Artificial Intelligence Cyberbullying Moderation 

One of the most effective ways to combat cyberbullying is by using artificial intelligence (AI) for content moderation and taking the burden off human moderators. Social media platforms and websites are increasingly using AI algorithms to remove or censor harmful content. This includes hate speech, abusive language, and graphic images. 

These algorithms have the capability of recognizing subtle forms of cyberbullying, making them more effective than traditional keyword filtering. For example, Meta employs complex networks to identify toxic user content. Since then, over 100 million pieces of content have been taken down due to violation of community guidelines.

Social Media Safety Features

Social media platforms can implement safety features that empower users to filter and block offensive content and comments. Instagram, for instance, offers features like comment filtering and the ability to block or restrict accounts to prevent cyberbullying. Additionally, they often provide resources and support for users who experience cyberbullying.

Anonymous Reporting

Encouraging the use of anonymous reporting in schools and online is crucial. These systems enable students to report instances of cyberbullying without fearing retaliation. Technology streamlines the reporting process ensuring that incidents are addressed promptly and privately. 

Educational Resources and Awareness Campaigns for Educators

Technology can disseminate educational materials and awareness campaigns aimed at preventing cyberbullying. Online courses, webinars, and interactive websites are valuable tools for students, parents, and educators. These tools will help to understand the signs of cyberbullying and how to respond effectively. 

Websites like provide resources to educators about cyberbullying prevention. It is extremely important for teachers to notice the warning signs of a child struggling with cyberbullying. These signs may consist of increases or decreases in device use, or showing an emotional response to their device. If you think a child is being cyberbullied speak to them privately or reach out to their parents. 

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Technology has greatly transformed the lives of children both in and out of the classroom. While technology can seen as distracting or harmful, it is essential to emphasize its benefits in combating cyberbullying. We believe it’s our responsibility to teach that technology is a useful tool in this regard. To contribute to the education of technology click here.