Product Highlight: TI 84 Plus CE Python Graphing Calculator

One of the most classic edtech devices has received a facelift. The ever popular Texas Instruments calculator – the TI 84 – has introduced its newest model with more advanced capabilities than ever before. Here, the edtech team at SchoolMart discusses this brand new gadget, its advanced upgrade, and how it will impact the future of the edtech world. 

Introducing: The TI 84 Plus CE Python Graphing Calculator

As the newest addition to the TI 84 Plus family, the TI 84 Plus CE Python Graphing Calculator is bringing students all new features that will impact the edtech industry. Not only does this new device continue to encourage students to learn and understand math and science, but it also introduces them to the world of programming and coding with Python. Python is the one of the world’s most common programming languages, and having it as an addition to the latest TI 84 installment will allow students to grasp the basic skills of coding, all while using an already familiar interface. Some of the most notable features of the TI 84 Plus CE Python Graphing Calculator include a full color screen, a rechargeable battery with a single month’s life span when fully charged, as well as an availability to purchase in a wide array of colors.  

Benefits That Come With The New Upgrade

The biggest advantage that comes with the latest TI 84 Plus CE Python Graphing Calculator is most definitely the addition of the Python coding program. With the world of STEM becoming of increasing interest to students, as well as a growing career field, Python can grant students the opportunity to gain exposure to the world of coding and programming. Gaining familiarity and knowledge about programming will set students up for greater success in the future and apply it to their STEM careers. In addition to Python, Texas Instruments reassures its customers that even though the latest installment includes a new coding program, it still has every original feature you know and love about their most popular edtech gadget. Distracting features such as WiFi, cameras, or Bluetooth have all been neglected from being included with this device, allowing students to fully focus on becoming more proficient with programming. 

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The latest installment of the TI 84 graphing calculator will be sure to have a positive impact on the edtech scene, allowing students to further themselves in their STEM careers. At SchoolMart, you can purchase your very own TI 84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator here! However, if this article hasn’t yet convinced you on this exciting new edtech gadget, contact the team at SchoolMart to learn more today.