Online Tools for ACT & SAT Preparation

From the years of having to go to the library to find helpful studying resources to now finding them with the click of a button, times have changed; there are now several digital resources available for focusing and improving the retention of information. Hours spent in the library buried in books trying to retain as much helpful information for these tests may be over. There are specific studying tactics that people think of when they hear “ACT or SAT prep,” such as tutoring, practice exams, and flashcards. However, the evolution of technology has increased the number of valuable resources for these test-takers. Here are four online resources and strategies SchoolMart recommends to prepare your students for the ACT and SAT.

Limiting Distractions for a Focused and Productive Study Session 

When people sit down to study, the end goal is usually to remain focused and productive; however, there are so many distractions and stimuli around us that interfere. A solution to this, which has become much more common in recent years, is to use the “do not disturb” option on your phone. This setting is designed to keep the phone on silent so that it doesn’t vibrate or even light up when a notification comes through. While this is an easy button to activate or deactivate on your phone, there are more involved options if your phone is especially distracting when trying to be productive. These include an app called “OFFTIME” or a mobile phone “jail” that you can find at online retailers like Amazon. The app’s features include the ability to turn off apps and restrict a user’s access for a given period. 

Virtual Solutions to Improving Time Management

Time management is an important skill to learn early on, but there are many different aspects of everyday life that high schoolers preparing for the SAT and ACT are forced to juggle. One strategy to consider is the Pomodoro Technique. Designed to help people make the most out of their time, this technique involves 25-minute intervals of focusing, with five-minute breaks in between. There are also technology resources students can use to stay organized with different tasks. The Remember the Milk app assists with setting deadline reminders with settings for due dates and the importance of keeping tasks all in one place and avoiding misplacing handwritten notes and reminders.

Virtual Flashcards

Flashcard resources are beneficial to students in furthering their knowledge in formulas and vocabulary in preparation for the SAT and ACT. Students who benefit from studying with flashcards could use electronic applications or websites that use the spaced repetition technique. This technique uses a specific algorithm to show cards with harder content more frequently and the same goes for cards that are answered incorrectly. Brainscape and Anki are two websites where users can create their own flashcards to learn math formulas and vocabulary. 

Specific Video Tutorials on YouTube and Other Websites 

YouTube has become such a powerful resource that it’s now considered the second biggest search engine behind Google. When looking for in-depth test-taking tips and tricks, or any strategies relating to the ACT and SAT, you’re bound to find videos that can help your students out. The Mathademics and Grammar Girl channels on Youtube are other useful resources to use that assist with grammar, writing, and math skills

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With the immense advancement of technology, there are countless resources available for students to maximize their preparation for tests such as the ACT and SAT. With a mix of limiting distractions, encouraging time management, and the use of online tools, students can enhance their performance on these exams and increase their chances of earning a high score. For more information on how to prepare your students for the ACT and SAT scores, call 1-800-285-2662 or contact us here.