4 Ways to Discuss School-provided Technology Safety With Parents

The development, evolution, and usage of technology have completely changed our lives in many ways, especially through education and enhancing learning techniques within classrooms. It essentially allows anyone to gain access to anything, at any time. Because of this, we, as users, must be careful and cautious of the information we consume, for the good and the bad. When it comes to using technology as educators to teach young students, it’s important to keep in mind the possible dangers of the internet and how you can protect them from material they’re not meant to see. Parents should be educated about how to monitor their children’s digital activities and how to ensure they’re accessing the appropriate material. Here is how to talk to them about the safety of the school-provided technology. 

Enlighten Them About the Benefits of the Technology

Given the potential hazards that technology can introduce, some parents might be skeptical about using digital technology instead of physical textbooks. It’s essential that they learn about the positives of digital technology. Once they have accepted technology as a common classroom tool, they will be more willing to assist the school in ensuring that digital learning is a success. With that, parents should also be allowed to voice their skepticism towards digital education in order to help school administrators address the concerns as they teach the benefits of technology. 

Teach Them the Basics of Using the Devices  

If students were to take digital learning technologies home with the purpose of accessing the learning materials, parents should most definitely have a basic understanding of what their children are using and how it works. That way, children would have difficulty hiding their digital activity from their parents. Teaching parents about the software and systems used in the classroom should be relatively easy, given they are already using some of the digital technologies. 

Teach Them on the Possible Dangers  

Creating a comprehensive list of potential hazards associated with the utilization of digital learning technology is advisable. From there, you can inform parents of measures put in place to alleviate some of these dangers. For example, suppose the students are accessing the internet. In that case, the school should inform the parents about the filters implemented in order to prevent them from accessing adult material or anything illegal. Along with protecting the children from the outside world, it should also show how it protects their personal information and data from online sources. This provides parents with confidence in EdTech. 

Additionally, inform parents of ways to ensure the safety of children when using technology at home. This provides parents with an opportunity to regulate what their kids can access on personal devices, not only on classroom technology. 

Have A Way of Reporting Safety Breaches

While there are ways to reduce the risks and access to dangers on the internet, it’s still possible. School administrators and digital learning technology should provide a way for parents to report any security issues or concerns. Having a member on the administrative team dedicated to receiving and evaluating any concerns regarding safety is also important. This would ensure quick action and solutions to any problems. 

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Education technology is a vital tool for classroom learning, despite the several potential dangers of the internet.  By emphasizing the benefits, outlining the ways to use technology, and enlightening them of the possible dangers, we can create a safe and responsible environment for our students. Contact SchoolMart today to ensure the protection and guidance of your child’s digital journey.