Teachers Express Positive Attitudes Towards Technology in Education

A recent survey shows an overwhelming support amongst educators concerning the expanding role of technology in schools. In previous years, this survey has shown that teachers have expressed support for technology as it related to the learning experience, but now teachers also express a positive attitude about where technology could head as an evolving entity in the classroom. Here, the educational technology professionals at SchoolMart break down the data regarding the recent poll that demonstrates an encouragement for the use of technology in education.

Technology Has Had a Positive Impact on the Effectiveness of Teaching

 The results indicate that 75% of survey participants believe technology has had a positive impact on education, with 36.63% of participants indicating that technology has had a mostly positive impact on education and 38.37% of participants indicating that technology has had an extremely positive impact on education. Zero participants expressed that technology has had a generally or extremely negative impact on education. Further, almost 50% of participants expressed that technology has made their jobs much easier, while over 32% of survey participants expressed that technology has made their job as teachers generally easier. An overwhelming 83% of respondents agreed that technology has positively affected their ability to teach, while less than 3% said that technology has had a negative effect.

Technology Has Had a Positive Effect on Students’ Learning Ability

 The survey results concerning technology’s impact on student learning paralleled the results concerning technology’s impact on teaching effectiveness. Approximately 84% of participants in the survey believed that technology has positively impacted students’ learning, while less than 6% of students believed that technology has negatively impacted students’ learning. In addition, when survey respondents were asked whether they felt technology will have a positive role in the future of education, an overwhelming 96% responded favorably.

Technology is Incorporated Into the Classroom Over a Variety of Devices

 While the survey shows that over 80% of participants supported schools providing students with their own technological devices, it also shows that almost 50% of participants favored students bringing in their own devices as well. Amongst devices used in the classroom for educational purposes, laptops were 37% of the devices used; Chromebooks and mobile phones were used 14% of the time. These three devices top the usage of even a pencil and paper, which were cited by only 12.5% of respondents.

Find Resources for Educators at SchoolMart

 With the ever-growing development of educational technologies, the way that educators choose to teach will continue to evolve. While the use of technological devices in the classroom is often a topic of debate amongst educators, this survey assures that a majority of teachers view technology as a positive contributor to learning and development. SchoolMart provides a wide array of technological devices, such as Chromebooks, that can be incorporated into the classroom and used for educational purposes. If you would like to learn more about the products we offer, contact us today!