iPads vs. Chromebooks: Which is Preferred in a Classroom Setting?

Because more teachers today incorporate technology into their daily lesson plans to supplement traditional teaching methods, it is useful to know the different types of educational technology and the functions they serve. Here, the educational technology suppliers at SchoolMart compare iPads to Chromebooks so you can make an informed decision about which device would work better in your classroom.

iPads and Chromebooks Offer Different Functions

 Both iPads and Chromebooks are commonly used in the classroom, but for different purposes, as they vary in price, function, usability, shareability, battery life, overall quality and more. Both iPads and Chromebooks have positive and potentially negative features, and it is up to you to decide which device is more fitting for your classroom environment and curriculum. 


iPads are accessible and easily portable devices that can work wonders in your classroom. Lightweight and easy to carry around, iPads are compact yet have a wealth of data storage. With no keyboard included, they are easy for students to use on their desk or store in their backpack. iPads also have a long-lasting battery that allow them to be used for days without charging—therefore, they do not have to be plugged in to be used. Due to the high quality of iPads, they are long-lasting and offer a wide breadth of educational apps, games and Internet access to students, providing an infinite amount of ways they can be incorporated in the classroom.

While iPads are high-quality and user-friendly, they tend to come at a high price—therefore, it may be difficult to provide a classroom-sized set of iPads for your students. In addition, iPads are more difficult to fix than a Chromebook, which is an easier device for an IT department to manage. iPads are also limited when it comes to shareability—in most cases, each iPad can only serve as one account, making it more difficult for other students to access their work from different devices.


Chromebook are similar to laptops but run solely on Google’s Chrome OS. Chromebooks are often used in classroom settings due to their affordability, as Chromebooks can run around $169.00 each; this is compared to the price of iPads, which can cost an upwards of $329.00 each. Chromebooks are also more shareable by students than iPads, as they can hold more than one user account, and are easier to manage and fix by an IT director.

Unlike iPads, Chromebooks are more difficult to carry around, and therefore usually remain in the classroom as part of a complete set managed by the teacher. They also have a short battery life and must be plugged in while being used, rendering them less portable. In addition, due to their relative lower cost, they tend to require more maintenance.

The Educational Technology Providers at SchoolMart Can Help You Make an Informed Decision

At SchoolMart, we know how crucial technology is in the modern educational atmosphere. We also know that, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose which devices to invest in for your classroom. That is why the educational technology providers at SchoolMart offer a wide range of devices for your classroom as well as invaluable tips for what products are best for your teaching style and budget. For more information on how you can incorporate technology into the classroom, contact the educational technology providers at SchoolMart today.