Benefits of Using a SMART Board in the Classroom

In an age where educational technology is surpassing the need for the conventional white board, innovative SMART Boards offer the benefits of technology, convenience, easy maintenance and student interaction all in one package. Here, the educational technology professionals at SchoolMart detail the top five benefits of implementing SMART Board technology in your classroom.

SMART Boards are User-Friendly

While it may seem daunting for some educators who are comfortable with more traditional modes of classroom equipment, installing a SMART Board is a beneficial way to implement easy-to-use technology in your classroom. Educators can connect their apps, computers, cameras, microscopes, video cameras and other devices to effectively integrate various technologies in one lesson. In addition, the low-maintenance qualities of SMART Boards provide a wealth of educational benefits without the mess of chalk, erasers and markers that can clutter a classroom.

SMART Boards Compliment Every Learning Style

The versatile SMART Board can cater to every learning style, no matter the student. Visual learners will benefit from the infinite number of visual aids that you can display on the SMART Board’s large screen. For auditory learners, you can play music, videos, podcasts and other sound-producing educational applications from your SMART Board. For kinesthetic learners who benefit from using their hands and carrying out physical activities to solve problems, the SMART Board’s touch screen offers a fun and interactive way for students to complete lessons and stay engaged. Multiple students can use the board at once, as well.

SMART Boards Preserve Your Lessons

At the end of a school day, a teacher usually wipes off a conventional chalkboard or white board, erasing the day’s lessons and cleaning the slate. However, what if an absent student never received those notes, or the teacher later wishes they could go back and reuse the notes they had written? With a SMART board, you can save each lesson on your computer so that they can always be accessed or shared if needed.

SMART Boards Offer Access to Online Resources

Many students benefit from watching interactive and educational videos over classroom lectures. With a SMART board, you can project a video, picture, website, game or educational guide on the screen to complement your daily lesson. There are plenty of educational databases and resources that teachers can utilize to better their classroom experience.

SMART Boards are Environmentally Conscious

If you are looking to make more green initiatives in your classroom, considering the benefits of a SMART board. Not only does a SMART board eliminate the accumulation of chalk and markers that can burden a traditional classroom, but it also reduces the amount of paper you use for lessons. Students can perform work on the SMART board instead of on paper handouts that create waste.

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