Tips for Preparing Your Child to Return to School After Summer Break

Although it might be hard to accept, summer is nearing its end and it is time to start preparing your child for the upcoming school year. While this is a time of year that can create anxiety for children who are nervous about the approaching first day of school, there are methods parents can utilize to best prepare their child for this time in their lives. Here, the educational technology professionals at SchoolMart explain best practices that parents can use to prepare their child to return to school after summer break.

 Create a Buddy System

The first day of school can be nerve wracking for any child, especially if they are transitioning to a new school. Creating a buddy system can ease their anxiety tremendously—find out if any of your child’s friends are in the same class so you can ensure your child that they will not be experiencing this significant transition alone. Simple things like making sure your child has a friend in their class or a group of friends they can sit with at lunch will help the transition back to school go smoothly.

Start a Bedtime Schedule

Summer is often a time when children can enjoy certain freedoms they normally do not have, and these freedoms can include more time spent hanging out with friends as well as later bedtimes. While you might experience some initial resistance from your child, begin having them go to bed earlier each night in preparation for the school year. This way, they can be adjusted to going to bed earlier so they will not be tired once school arrives. It is recommended to start creating a bedtime schedule a week or two before the first day of school.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Children often mirror the attitude and emotions of their parents and role models, so discussing the approaching school year in a positive manner and getting your child excited for the transition can make a world of a difference to their overall outlook. The first day of school can create tension and anxiety for parents just as much as children, but maintaining an optimistic and supportive attitude in front of your child will help boost their confidence.

 Buy Supplies in Advance

Buying school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, backpacks, calculators and even back-to-school clothes can get expensive and cause some stress for parents. However, do not wait until the last minute to buy the necessary supplies your child will need for school. Waiting until the last minute will only heighten the stress and anxiety that both you and your child may be feeling. In addition, purchasing a fresh new set of school clothes and supplies in advance, and allowing your child to help pick out what they want, can help them feel excited for the approaching school year.

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Preparing for the approaching school year can be a stressful transition for both parents and their children. However, it is also an exciting time filled with opportunity and growth. SchoolMart offers a wide range of affordable school supplies and educational technology that is perfect for your back-to-school needs, and our team can provide tips and resources for making your back-to-school experience go as smoothly as possible. To learn more about the many products and services provided by SchoolMart, contact our team today!