How Technology is Promoting IT Support and Digital Learning for Students

With the growing and evolving role of technology in the classroom, there are many opportunities for students to hone in on their digital skills for future employment. Schools are beginning to offer digital learning initiatives, programs and certifications for tech-savvy students looking to pursue a career in the field. Here, the educational technology professionals at SchoolMart examine the impact technology has had on K-12 schooling, and how changes in digital learning initiatives may provide a leg-up for students in future employment endeavors. 


Promote Positive Digital Learning Experiences

With an incredible number of tools at the fingertips of students, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. The current generation of students has grown up with technology and, in turn, it has become an integral part of their daily lives. Starting digital learning initiatives early on in their education can set a strong precedent for the proper use of technology, the individual benefits it can bring and how their talents can be used to impact others. These initiatives not only allow for greater engagement in the classroom, but also help students discover areas in which they may excel. For example, if a school prioritizes digital learning in areas such as math, coding and art, students may find that they are passionate about website development or graphic design. Allowing students to dip their toes in these potential career fields before they enter college not only opens their mind to the realm of possibilities at their disposal, but allows them to get ahead of the curve in programs or certifications they may want to pursue. 


Allow Students to Get Ahead in Certifications

Immersive technology opportunities and digital learning experiences should start at a young age, but as students reach high school, there are many real-world applications for their technology skills. Grade schools should consider incorporating technology into the classroom for all subjects, allowing children and parents to realize the benefits technology can have at a young age. As students reach high school, digital learning experiences bring another level of benefit, giving them the chance to pursue specific areas in the digital field. While there has been a movement toward STEAM learning for younger students, fostering an environment with a variety of technological resources not only sets your students apart, but brings unique benefits to institutions as well. High school students may decide to pursue qualifications in programming or digital marketing, and providing them this opportunity can set them on a path for success in internships and future job positions. 


Tap Into Real-World Work Experience During School

While it may seem like digital learning experiences in K-12 are only used to prepare students for college, there are many ways schools can promote technology and give students both job opportunities and experience during their K-12 years. For example, certain schools have offered students the chance to help with low-level IT issues during school, or collaborate with other students during slow periods to discuss and pursue growth in the areas of software development, gaming or video production. By taking immersive technology opportunities outside the classroom, this allows students to see a real-world application of their skills, and discover what their day-to-day work pattern would look like if they continue in their chosen field. 


Learn More with the Educational Technology Professionals at SchoolMart

At SchoolMart, we prioritize digital learning initiatives as a way to provide a modern and influential learning experience for K-12 students. Technology has made a huge impact on the current school system, and many individuals are beginning to see the benefits. To learn more about how you can effectively incorporate technology into your classroom and help students reach their full potential, contact the ed-tech professionals at SchoolMart today