Tech Tools for Educators On a Limited Budget

Let’s face it, technology has now become the new normal in all aspects of our lives. From workplace communication to school and family connection, students, educators and parents alike are now relying on technology daily. While many of us have become all too familiar with platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet, many teachers have not had the time to familiarize themselves with additional tools to help facilitate innovative learning, and are unable to find affordable programs. Here, the educational technology professionals at SchoolMart showcase some fantastic and affordable tools to help your students end this semester on a high note. 

Utilize Modern Applications to Create an Interactive Classroom

While this year has brought an unprecedented amount of change and uncertainty, especially when it comes to schooling, teachers have been able to pivot and adapt, helping their students feel more comfortable and navigate through this difficult time with minimal difficulty. In addition to traditional video meetings, many educators have looked to affordable alternatives to create an interactive classroom that fuels learning and fun, especially for younger students. Applications such as Flipgrid are free, and allow teachers to post prompts and have students respond with short videos. This helps fuel conversations that may otherwise fall short over discussion boards or email. 

Additionally, many educators have worked to lighten the mood during this time by integrating Bitmoji classrooms into their virtual learning environments. This fun and interactive tool allows teachers to create their personalized avatars, and integrate them with Google Slides to build their custom classrooms. Some teachers have designed their classrooms similar to their in-person ones, while others have created fantasy themes. This tool is incredible for communication and engagement, and creates an easily accessible resource for a variety of student resources, such as downloadable PDFs or books for reading in each subject area, and links to educational YouTube videos or classroom meetings. 

Foster Safe Exploration With Virtual Field Trips

One of the largest things in K-12 learning that has suffered during the coronavirus pandemic has been field trips. Students have now been unable to travel, socialize and explore in their local area as field trips have come to a halt, and students are confined to virtual learning. However, many organizations have come together to create virtual learning initiatives and free or low-cost field trips across the world. For example, you can take an interactive trip through George Washington’s Mount Vernon home, explore nature through the Yosemite Virtual Tour, and take part in relevant field trips across the country through Discovery Education. While these are only a few of the options your K-12 student has, these resources can be fantastic for helping students clear their mind and regain some sense of normalcy.

Make Learning Fun With Competitive Quizzes

When it comes to learning, especially virtual learning, keeping the attention of young minds can be extremely difficult. One way to keep your students engaged and happy is through quiz applications that they can participate in as a group. Whether you are preparing them for an exam or just testing their memory, these applications are essentially games for students, helping them laugh, think and work with one another while learning. Some of the most popular quiz applications include Kahoot, which is a free, multiple-choice, game-based platform. Additionally, applications like Seesaw tests students’ knowledge, and teachers are able to view this data and in turn, adjust their teaching styles.  

Let the Ed-Tech Professionals at SchoolMart Help You

At SchoolMart, we understand the importance of technology, especially during this tumultuous time. Technology should be used as a tool to facilitate learning initiatives, and foster confidence and advanced development for many K-12 students. That is why, it is our mission to educate others on the idea that educational technology can be communicative, fun and affordable for all students. To learn more about SchoolMart and shop our products, click here