How to Use Ed Tech to Promote Summer Learning

Summertime offers many chances for kids to get creative and explore, but those opportunities can be wasted when children are distracted by their electronics. Fellow parents, we know that keeping your child’s learning skills sharp is at the top of your to-do list, but most parents don’t have the time to sit down and plan many lessons for their children to enjoy. SchoolMart has created a four-step plan to ensure your child’s technology is educational and engaging this summer.

What Strikes Their Curiosity? 

To get your child eager to learn, start by asking them what topics they are interested in learning about. Try to narrow it down to three topics. The topics can be as general or specific as they’d like, such as science and math, or more specific, like coding, outdoor creatures, and race cars. Once you have their top three, you can create hassle-free lesson plans thanks to Ed Tech resources.

Audio Books and E-Books

Your first option for Ed Tech that you will use is either an audiobook or e-book. If your child is more of a visual learner, an e-book will be great for them, but if they learn better with listening, then an audiobook may work best. Sit down with your child and have them choose at least four books related to their three topics. Allow them the freedom to choose what they would like to read, but make sure that they choose material that is grade-level appropriate or just above their skill level. Try to mix up nonfiction and fiction genres so each book feels new and exciting to them while they practice their reading skills. 

YouTube Kids

With the right parental controls and monitoring, YouTube can be a great educational resource for children. Visit YouTube and have your child find videos on their interests and save them in a playlist. Make sure to check out kid-friendly YouTube channels or children’s educational companies who have their own channels too. At any time during the summer you can reference this playlist to enhance a book or use as a substitute for when your child seems bored. Make this video a talking point sometime throughout the day. Ask them what they learned about and what they are eager to watch next. 

Educational Apps

There are many mobile applications out there that provide an interactive learning experience for your child. Have your child choose apps that correlate to their interests. You can also do some research to see what educational companies have their own apps and the learning features they offer. Some of the most popular apps to try out are Hopscotch for coding, Monster Math for basic problem solving, Star Walk Kids: Astronomy Game for learning about the solar system, and STEMWerkz for general stem activities.  If it’s an app that is more about game play, make sure you monitor and limit the amount of time they are playing. 

Contact SchoolMart To Learn More

Keeping your child’s skills sharp over the summer doesn’t have to be time consuming. Finding topics that your child is interested in and pairing them with educational technology can help your child maintain their skill levels for the next school year while also having fun. Whether you need more information on how to maximize these strategies at home or you are looking for necessary technology, SchoolMart is always here to help. Call 1-800-285-2662 or contact us today!