How to Help Your Students Recover from Learning Loss

As the summer days come to an end and classrooms begin to fill, you might notice a learning loss obstacle in their students that they can’t seem to solve. Whether it’s the effects of summer or the continuation of remote learning, it’s best if you create a learning management system to keep your students’ learning skills on track. With the help of educational technology, we have gathered some strategies to help you control the issue.

Online Surveys

Most teachers start the school year by handing out pre-tests to gather data on their students’ skill sets. This is a decent start, but for this strategy to be beneficial you can conduct a survey for your students using Google Forms. This way your students have the chance to express their thoughts on what they need to review or catch up on to be successful this upcoming year. In addition, a Google Forms survey is a clear and direct way to get answers from the students themselves which helps your curriculum planning run smoothly. 

Tracking Screen Activity

If your classroom is remote this school year or you frequently use laptops in the classroom you can keep track of the progress of your students with the help of Go Guardian, a software that monitors your students screen activity during class. This software allows you to filter specific content and keep a close eye on your students’ work to see where they might be struggling or excelling. Lastly, you can perform daily check-ins on your students and provide them with help to ensure they understand the material. 

Interactive Slideshows

Slideshows are a great way for students to visually learn topics in the classroom, but have you ever thought about using them as a way for students to get caught up with learning material? Pear Deck is a Google Slides add-on that lets you design engaging and interactive slideshows for your students. Some features include drag-and-drop microassessment tools, interactive maps, and mood check-ins. Whether you have them complete the slideshows on their own time or review them as a class, these features allow your students to engage more frequently and give you a closer look into their understanding on a specific topic. 

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