Getting Educators Excited About Using EdTech

Education Technology (or EdTech) was designed to improve teaching and learning, specifically in the areas of analysis, development, and design. However, it has become increasingly more important within the last few years. While the recent pandemic forced many organizations to work online, it greatly affected teaching and learning capabilities. Educators bore much of the brunt as they were also forced to find a way to continue teaching virtually. 

As a result, SchoolMart has put together seven strategies that school leaders should consider to keep teachers motivated with EdTech:

Communicate the Goal

For a school to meet its mission and goals, it’s important for them to be able to describe why they exist, what they stand for, and how they’re achieving those goals. The “why” is ultimately the most important, because potential students want to find schools that have a purpose aligning with their own values. This is why school leaders should focus on their main purpose. Not only do they need to articulate a refined purpose that aligns with their own values, they need to communicate it in an effective way to their staff so that the school, as a whole, stays consistent. It is crucial that every action educators and school leaders make aligns with this main vision. 

Learn the Benefits of Technology

Technology is a huge part of our culture and completely changes the way we communicate on a daily basis. Additionally, it helps us solve problems and execute tasks. However, just like anything else, it takes time to learn and understand how to use it. EdTech is a great solution for teachers. Setting aside time to show them how to use it benefits the learning environment and its effectiveness in teaching.

Encourage Intrinsic Motivation  

Intrinsic motivation is seeking out novelty and challenges, spontaneously, to extend one’s capacity to learn and explore. The idea here is that if in the right environment, people (in this case teachers) will put forth all of their effort without feeling forced. Here are three conditions to create an intrinsically motivated environment: (1) purpose, (2) autonomy, and (3) mastery. 

  • Purpose: As mentioned before, actions directly reflect a school’s vision, so school leaders must be clear about what is expected of their teachers.
  • Autonomy: Empowering these educators to achieve goals will increase motivation.
  • Mastery: Training is required to optimize EdTech and teach effectively.

Motivate Professional Development 

Training educators to use EdTech has many benefits if done correctly. This is because, in general, when people are good at something and feel some level of achievement when doing it, they will enjoy doing it, even willing to do it free of cost. 

Designate EdTech Gurus 

Some people have more of an affinity for technology than others, therefore making it easier to train them to use EdTech. Look to them for creative ways to implement EdTech in the classroom. Recognizing them as gurus who can teach and motivate can be an effective strategy. 

Celebrate  Success

Celebrating success within the school system shows appreciation for the decision to become educators and should be acknowledged.  By gamifying EdTech, schools can take their main goals and tasks for teachers and turn them into games with rewards. This can be a way to celebrate achievements within their organization and increase motivation, while also moving toward its goals. Note that it’s best to maintain a healthy environment, so the moment teachers begin to compete with each other it might be a good idea to take a step back. 

Be Empathetic

Developing and maintaining an understanding and supportive environment for your educators as a school leader is an important trait to possess for both their mental and physical health. Communicate and hear out how each educator is doing and what you can do to help them excel. 

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EdTech can further the development of educators and students. Implementing these strategies ensures a smooth transition and motivates your educators to do their best. For more information on education technology, how to use it, or how to incorporate it into your classroom, reach out to our team of EdTech pros! Call 1-800-285-2662 or contact us here.