Using Mobile Technology To Prepare For An Exam

A lot of students may become overwhelmed when preparing for an exam thinking about the hours of studying that may go into it. Managing different educational subjects and extracurriculars while finding time to study for an exam outside of the classroom is not always an easy task. Luckily, mobile technology has made it easier for students to access learning resources anywhere at any time. This tech has also been shown to increase productivity and engagement while studying. Depending on each student’s studying preferences, finding different ways to engage in the learning process and retain material with mobile technology allows students and teachers to benefit from EdTech while supporting every students’ study strategies.

Engagement Through Videos and Audio

Before the surge of technology in today’s society, videos, audio, and screens were seen as a distraction in the classroom instead of an instructional activity. Many different services such as Youtube and Vimeo have made it possible for information to be easily accessible through a variety of devices. Whether a student is preparing for an exam and needs a refresher on a vocabulary word or they’re trying to improve their general understanding of a topic, videos that are easily accessible can improve a student’s studying techniques. Giving students the ability to easily access video resources allows them to see the instructor, images, charts, instructional techniques, and keeps them engaged throughout the studying process. Along with easy access to videos, listening to educational resources in the car or while relaxing at night can also be an effective way for students to actively prepare for an exam on-the-go. 

Mobile Apps To Guide Studying Productivity 

Some students find taking notes electronically to be more beneficial than the traditional pen-to-paper method. Not everyone has the perfect handwriting and can write fast enough to retain information as the instructor goes through a lesson. Mobile phone apps that encourage note taking are easily accessible allowing students to quickly jot things down and then organize the notes while re-reading and retaining information after the lesson. Having access to these apps allows students to handwrite or type notes and upload media, such as articles, videos, or other websites, to prepare for an exam in the way that they feel is most beneficial for them. There are even ways to take a practice exam virtually with an app called PocketPrep that gives students the opportunity to answer questions similar to their exam and receive feedback. Study guides and resources that are easily accessible and organized through mobile technology further aid students in studying for exams currently and preparing for them in the future. 

The Benefit of Electronic Reading

The days of having a 20-page printed study guide or carrying a five pound textbook are over now that students have the ability to access materials through any mobile device. EReaders are very portable and are a smarter option when traveling rather than carrying numerous textbooks or resources around that are crucial for exam preparation. Electronic ways to access resources are also more cost efficient and user-friendly for students who are successful when their textbooks are at their fingertips. If students need to easily access their studying materials, books, or lectures right before an exam for any last minute studying, they can find everything they need in one place. 

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Mobile technology has created a way for students to follow and engage in education during class and on their own time. As studying techniques are evolving, mobile technology apps are used to improve students’ exam performances and increase overall learning engagement. How can you find ways to successfully implement this EdTech strategy into your classroom? Contact our team of EdTech Pros to find out! We are here to help answer any questions you may have. For more information, call 1-800-285-2662 or contact us here.