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Funding your Technological Classroom

There are innumerable options for receiving funds to help outfit classrooms with the latest educational technology. The education technology professionals at suggest ways to take advantage of these options and enhance your students’ classroom experience. Technology can go a long way to encouraging student learning, creativity, and information retention. As such, education through technology…

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Talking Through the Problems

The education technology advisors at suggest strategies for encouraging your students to work through math problems by engaging with them in non-traditional ways. Tables, charts, lists of equations, and pages upon pages of numbers. These words describe the memories many adults have of their mathematics classes. For some, the traditional methods of math instruction…

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Incorporating Technology into Your Classroom: A How-To

The math education professionals at explain the importance of using technology for education, and suggest easy ways for teachers to incorporate them. Digital technology is becoming an increasingly important part of our world. Students, in particular, often utilize computers and the internet to supplement at-home learning in addition to engaging in other non-educational uses.…

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