5 Ways to Inspire Your Students to Embrace Summer Learning

Did you know that studies show a significant decline in academic progress during the summer months? After a full school year of learning, students often spend their summers not thinking about schoolwork and lose a good amount of the learning progress they have made. At Schoolmart, we understand the importance of continuous learning and are determined to bridge the summer knowledge gap with helpful tips to help students stay engaged and learning during the summer break.

Here’s the best part: with today’s technological advancements, parents can create amazing learning experiences right at home. In this article, we will look at five strategies for motivating students and keeping their brains engaged over the summer.

Engage in Reading Adventures

There is no better time to read than during the dog days of summer. Whether it’s sci-fi, historical fiction, or anything in between, students can be encouraged to find things that they are excited to explore during the summer break. Start by providing them with a list of recommended books that align with their interests and reading levels. Set reading goals and reward them for achieving milestones. 

Additionally, consider organizing a virtual book club where students can discuss their favorite books and share their thoughts. Reading not only enhances their vocabulary and comprehension skills but also reduces the effects of the summer slide and can encourage communication between classmates before the school year starts. 

Discover the World Through Virtual Tours

Thanks to technological advancements, students from kindergarten to high school can explore the world from the comfort of their own homes. Take advantage of virtual tours offered by museums, historical sites, and landmarks worldwide. These immersive experiences allow students to discover different cultures, learn about historical events, and ignite their curiosity. Encourage them to document their virtual tours by creating journals or digital presentations to showcase what they have learned.

Dive into STEM Activities this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to engage students in hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities. Encourage them to explore scientific concepts through fun experiments, build structures using household materials, or engage in fun projects. There are numerous online resources and educational platforms that offer interactive STEM activities suitable for everyone from kindergarten to high school such as Khan Academy, STEMfinity, National Geographic Kids, and more. These activities not only promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills but also foster a love for scientific inquiry. 

Cultivate Creativity with Arts and Crafts

Artistic expression plays a vital role in a child’s development. Encourage your students to unleash their creativity through various arts and crafts projects. Provide them with art supplies and challenge them to create masterpieces inspired by nature, their favorite books, or their own imagination. 

Consider organizing a virtual art exhibition where students can showcase their creations and exchange feedback. Engaging in art allows students to develop their fine motor skills, express emotions, and think outside the box.

Contact Schoolmart to Kickstart Summer Learning

Encouraging students to pursue personal projects that align with their interests and passions gives them the ability to stay engaged in their learning throughout the summer. Whether it’s starting a project, learning a musical instrument, or reading a new book, these projects provide an opportunity for self-directed learning. Guide them in setting goals, planning their project timeline, and conducting research. Need any more tips for engaged learning? Contact our team of EdTech Pros at Schoolmart for the best ideas to get your students inspired this summer.