5 Ways to Inspire Your Students to Embrace Summer Learning

student engaging in summer reading with a book in a library

Did you know that studies show a significant decline in academic progress during the summer months? After a full school year of learning, students often spend their summers not thinking about schoolwork and lose a good amount of the learning progress they have made. At Schoolmart, we understand the importance of continuous learning and are…

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The Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Teaching in Math

Elementary school boy doing a math worksheet at his desk.

  Mathematical concepts can be difficult to comprehend, especially for children of a young age. That is why, it is so important for young children to work collaboratively and exchange information to help facilitate learning. Kids teaching other kids math is a fantastic way to spearhead their education, all while establishing connection with their peers.…

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Educators and Parents Can Partner to Bridge the Digital Divide

A male and female student doing their work in a school classroom.

The ‘digital divide’ has plagued the country and our educational system, preventing low-income areas from being able to have access to modern technology. This ultimately hinders their potential for growth as they move from K-12 schooling to higher education. Here, the educational technology experts at SchoolMart explore the topic of the ‘digital divide,’ and provide…

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