Tips for Boosting STEM Hybrid Learning

stem learning activities

STEM Learning, an academic discipline that incorporates science, technology, engineering, and math, has been growing in popularity amongst educators and institutions across the country. As the light at the end of the Coronavirus tunnel approaches, educators lean more towards hybrid learning as students begin to make their way back into the classroom. With students working…

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How to Empower Students in the Virtual Classroom

Many institutions have been learning to adapt to virtual learning for over a year now, with many parents opting to keep their children at home, even though some schools have gone back to in-person instruction. With both educators teaching and students learning remotely, many challenges have been presented, including how to empower students within a…

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Setting SMART Goals for Virtual Learning

Young student in an online learning class on a tablet

Online learning has already begun to change the way that schools and educators around the world teach their students, along with a large impact on how those students learn and develop. With many institutions adapting to newer ways of virtual learning, some have been met with success while others have faced challenges. S.M.A.R.T. goals are…

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Why Parents Should Know How To Use Virtual Learning Platforms

young student using an online learning platform on their laptop

Ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic last year, virtual learning has become the new-normal for schools around the world. Virtual learning for students ranges from live collaborative classes, to interactive simulations, to pre-assigned online homework assignments. Virtual learning can present many challenges for students, especially younger learners who may not be as experienced…

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5 Tips For Managing Virtual Breakout Rooms

Online learning has taken over the schooling system worldwide, with teachers implementing virtual classrooms into their everyday schooling. In order to incorporate small group collaboration into virtual learning, breakout rooms are essential. They allow students the ability to speak their own ideas with their peers more freely, while not feeling the pressure or intimidation. Managing…

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