Why Parents Should Know How To Use Virtual Learning Platforms

young student using an online learning platform on their laptop

Ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic last year, virtual learning has become the new-normal for schools around the world. Virtual learning for students ranges from live collaborative classes, to interactive simulations, to pre-assigned online homework assignments. Virtual learning can present many challenges for students, especially younger learners who may not be as experienced…

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5 Tips For Managing Virtual Breakout Rooms

Online learning has taken over the schooling system worldwide, with teachers implementing virtual classrooms into their everyday schooling. In order to incorporate small group collaboration into virtual learning, breakout rooms are essential. They allow students the ability to speak their own ideas with their peers more freely, while not feeling the pressure or intimidation. Managing…

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Tips for K-12 Students to Protect Their Online Privacy

Young male student working on his iPad representing digital learning and data privacy.

As virtual learning has become the norm throughout this past year, and will continue to be the primary way of learning for most schools throughout the next semester, educators and students have had to adapt and change in many ways. As students are learning best practices and streamlined approaches to virtual learning, they must also…

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Tech Tools for Educators On a Limited Budget

Young child playing on an iPad with toys around them.

Let’s face it, technology has now become the new normal in all aspects of our lives. From workplace communication to school and family connection, students, educators and parents alike are now relying on technology daily. While many of us have become all too familiar with platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet, many teachers have…

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Robotics: Engaging K-12 Students on a New Level

Robotics for children to use in STEM programs.

As we continue this fall semester with many K-12 schools being online, there have been many adjustments for students, teachers and parents. We have moved from traditional hands-on learning to a technologically-based approach, working to ensure that students are receiving the same quality of education fully online as they would in an in-person or hybrid…

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How Technology is Giving Low-Cost Education Access to Students

While technology is a fantastic tool for K-12 students and higher education, the cost of equipment and programs can add up quickly. Especially in inner city schools or rural areas, access to technology is not always simple, and children may struggle to keep up with their peers. Here, the educational technology professionals at SchoolMart provide…

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Technology Use in K-12: What Does it Mean for College?

Two kids pointing at a laptop referencing their online schooling.

When it comes to technology in schools, many Gen-Z students have become accustomed to educational technology from a very young age. Especially in this time of the novel coronavirus, students in K-12 have been forced to become accustomed to virtual learning initiatives. So, how will this impact K-12 students as they move into the future…

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Summer School: Tips on Making the Most of Your Experience

Summer school can be a great opportunity to catch up on credits, get ahead of coursework, or retake a class to lighten your course load for the fall semester. While your idea of a perfect summer probably doesn’t include sitting in a classroom, there are still many ways to have fun and get your work…

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How EdTech Is Expanding Teaching Practices

Teaching requires the ability to communicate, adapt and work with many learning styles, and changes in education are coming at a much faster rate.  As students’ needs and expectations have risen, so have the demands placed on teachers’ shoulders. Currently, educators are expected to differentiate their instruction, use data-driven instructional practices, address students’ social and…

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Installing New Technology in a Dated Classroom

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into K-12 learning initiatives, keeping up with modern technology and programs can become difficult. In dated classrooms, transitioning into a technology-friendly space can feel overwhelming. Here, the educational technology professionals at SchoolMart provide tips on installing new technology into older classrooms and buildings, and discuss the benefits of educational technology…

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