Implementing Useful Online Teaching Strategies in the Classroom

In the not-so-distant past, blended learning was limited by a lack of technological resources and inexperienced teachers who were more accustomed to traditionally in-person classrooms. In the last two years, technology has been a major focus for educational budgets with digital devices such as tablets and laptops pouring into schools and becoming an essential piece…

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5 Tips for Using Technology to Improve Online Education

student typing on a laptop

While many schools have finally been able to bring educators and students back into the building, there is no denying that elements of online education are here to stay. Some teachers are using hybrid or blended learning models, while others are still using distance learning. Whatever model you’ve chosen, if you have online elements, it’s…

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How to Enhance Hybrid and Blended Learning with EdTech

student participating in an online classroom lesson

Over the last two years, educators have had to become experts in not only traditional in-person learning, but also in online teaching methods. As lockdowns and restrictions were enforced and lifted, many teachers found themselves managing hybrid classrooms: partially online, partially in-person. Even now, while many districts and states have brought teachers and students back…

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Utilizing ECE Technology for Preschool and Kindergarten Students

group of young students in a classroom

Technology is transforming the classroom experience, and early childhood education is no exception. Early integration of technology seems to be a helpful and expanding strategy for educators, and can be yet another tool or resource to help teachers. As ECE technology options are becoming more plentiful and available, educators have the opportunity to incorporate various…

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Ring in the New Year with New EdTech!

three students gathered around a table using classroom technology

As we reach the halfway point in the school year, it can be difficult to maintain motivation — not only for educators, but for students themselves! Student engagement has to be a top priority for everyone to ensure the success of the class, and edtech is a great way to maintain or boost motivation. But…

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How To Keep Your Kids Thinking & Learning During Holiday Break

It is an ongoing debate as to whether or not technology is truly beneficial for the younger generations. Some argue that young students spend too much time glued to their screens, thus inhibiting their sleep, learning, and educational performance; others believe that there are several ways in which technology can enhance learning opportunities. With the…

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The Reality of New Technologies in the Classroom

overhead view of students at a table with their laptops and other classroom technology

Virtual reality has taken the educational world by storm over the past few years, allowing students from ages five to eighteen the chance to partake in various simulations that contest the world of reality. From creating 3D art to traversing the globe, virtual reality utilizes technology in a groundbreaking way, granting students the opportunity to…

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Protecting Students From Cyberbullying

frustrated student using their laptop

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and SchoolMart is here to provide you with tips on how to prevent bullying within your classrooms. Cyberbullying is one of the most common forms of bullying, especially with the latest growth of online-learning and virtual classrooms. Here, the team of edtech professionals at SchoolMart provides several tips on…

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How to Provide Hands-On Learning in the Virtual Classroom

young student in a virtual classroom session

With the trend of virtual learning having no definitive end, instructors are learning how to utilize technology and innovation to continue to incorporate hands-on learning into their online classrooms. Classes that are built around hands-on learning are in high demand, such as science labs and externships, and these classes can be more difficult to instruct…

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Product Highlight: TI 84 Plus CE Python Graphing Calculator

One of the most classic edtech devices has received a facelift. The ever popular Texas Instruments calculator – the TI 84 – has introduced its newest model with more advanced capabilities than ever before. Here, the edtech team at SchoolMart discusses this brand new gadget, its advanced upgrade, and how it will impact the future…

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