Some Like It Tepid STEM Project Bundle


SchoolMart Part #: TI-STEM-HOT Brand:


Feel the Heat!

In Some Like It Tepid, students collect temperature data of their favorite beverage, define thresholds and program the Hub’s built-in LED to indicate the beverage’s temperature.

Bundle includes:

  • 10 – TI-Innovator Hubs with TI Launchpad
  • 10 – TI-SensorLink adapter
  • 10 – Vernier BTA SS Temperature Probe

This bundle is a set-up for 30 students.  This does not include the cup for your favorite hot beverage.

View the TI-84 Plus CE Activity Page

View the TI-Nspire CX Activity Page

Note – TI Graphing calculators and software not included. Sold separately.

Additional information

Weight28 lbs

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