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Texas Instruments TI-10 Class Pack

MSRP: $517.50


Set of 30 calculators with storage boxes

SchoolMart Part #: TI-10-CLASS Brand:



  • 30 calculators with slide covers
  • 3 storage box
  • Digital teacher guide and poster


  • Easily enter problems with large number and operation keys
  • Allows students to develop computational skills using operations and changing the level of difficulty while keeping score of the right and wrong answers
  • See how many 1s, 10s, 100s, 1000s, or even 10ths and 100ths are in a specified number
  • View multiple problems and the answers simultaneously with scrolling feature and two-line display
  • Store an operation with a constant value, helping students develop concepts of addition, substraction, mulitplication and division
  • Performs operations in familiar M-D-A-S order

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Weight 15.6 lbs